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Inquisitives provides dedicated offshore development teams that act as a seamless extension of your company’s internal product/application development capability. We can also build a team that takes full responsibility for all the development-related work for your company. Our deep technology background, collaborative culture and creative problem solving skills enable us to proactively offer solutions to the most complex challenges.

Conserve cash, while continuing to innovate

You don’t have to invest any capital to get the offshore team started. At the same time, our team that integrates tightly with your own core development team and shares its goals and visions.

Get increased productivity

Team members hired for your offshore development center are not moved to other customer teams. This ensures that you continue to get maximum productivity after the initial domain knowledge transfer.

Leverage our proven experience

Our management team has proven experience in setting up offshore development centers for worldwide software product companies. You can leverage this experience to minimize risks in setting up your own offshore development center.

Get the right people to work for you

All members of the offshore development center are hired specifically as per your requirements. As opposed to outsourcing (where you would have to pick up members from a pool of available consultants), this approach ensures that all team members possess the required domain experience and have been screened for a team fit.

How the model works

An offshore development center is best suited for individual projects, and in situations where clients’ needs include adding new versions or completely new projects over time. Additional resources and new projects can either be contracted separately or added to the current core team.

Typical roles in our dedicated offshore development teams are:

Project Leader – who understands and carefully considers the customer’s business targets and challenges. They manage a team of five to 20 developers and are completely dedicated to ensuring that the customer’s expectations are aligned with every project.

– If there is need to adjust the development team due to new requirements or new projects the Lead Developer will begin the analysis and estimation phase, assess resource needs, and build and manage the team. Through appropriate training that is specific to the client’s requirements, we can guarantee that the team is operational and efficient from day one.

– During periods when a full-size team is not needed, the lead developer focuses on ongoing client business requirements, enhancements, maintenance and task completion.

Senior Developer – Is capable of understanding and solving the customer’s business needs and able to manage a team of two to five developers; is responsible for design of the application architecture and build of the core modules; has five to eight years’ experience in related technology field.

Intermediate Developer and Junior Developers – delivers high-quality software according to requirements and communicates with clients in English using email and IM. Each intermediate developer has three to five years of experience and juniors have one to three years.

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